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Acumen is thrilled to introduce the cohort for the Energy for Livelihoods Accelerator in India

An inspiring group of 15 social entrepreneurs will participate in this program supported by Apple. Their businesses are leveraging sustainable energy to improve the livelihoods of low-income people.
September 28, 2023

Photo from EMPBindi International.

Sustainable energy has the potential to more than double incomes by saving time, improving yields, and enhancing resilience. However, millions of people in India still don’t have access to the reliable and affordable energy they need to live healthy and productive lives. 

The Energy for Livelihoods Accelerator cohort are an inspiring group of 15 entrepreneurs working to change that. Working on everything from agriculture, e-mobility, and hydropower, the 15 chosen entrepreneurs cover a full spectrum, providing the enabling technologies needed to maximize energy’s potential to improve livelihoods.  

"This cohort represents a diverse mix of innovators working at the intersection of sustainable energy and poverty reduction. We are excited to support them in partnership with Apple to develop their business models with the ultimate aim of scaling their impact. We also view this accelerator as an opportunity to gather insights directly from entrepreneurs and further refine and shape our work in this area," says Mahesh Yagnaraman, Acumen’s India Director. 


Photo from Saptkrishi Scientific Private Limited.

Over the next four months, participants will develop and refine a scalable business model that has the potential to transform the lives of low-income people while conserving resources and protecting the environment. The cohort will participate in a blend of virtual Learning Labs, seminars, and self-directed customer experiments to support the development of their business models and impact. At the end of the program, they will be invited to pitch to a curated audience of sustainable energy ecosystem stakeholders at a Demo-Day. 

Upon completing the program they’ll join The Foundry, Acumen Academy’s global community of over 1300 social innovators — who have collectively made an impact on more than 8 million lives across the world — to share in a lifelong journey of solving problems of poverty and building a world based on dignity. Accelerator participants will also be considered for additional technical assistance and investment from Acumen’s Pioneer Energy Investment Initiative - Powering Livelihoods Using Solar (PEII+). This 5-year $25 million initiative invests in early-stage productive energy companies in India, East Africa, and West Africa. 

Meet the cohort

Business facilitators

Nimisha Tiwari

LinkIT_LogoLinkITBlueCollar is a mobile-first tech-enabled platform providing Electric Vehicle (EV) skills and guaranteed jobs for low-income communities of women and youth.

Bindi International_logo-2EMPBindi International empowers women in rural communities with solar training and entrepreneurship support for sustainable livelihoods and clean energy solutions.


Agriculture and allied sector

Vanya_Logo-1Vanya empowers India's small farmers to become climate heroes. Using satellite data, remote sensing and blockchain, they provide farmers with tools to check carbon levels in their soil, helping them farm sustainably, trap carbon, and generate income from selling carbon credits.

Riddhish Soni
Aumsat Technologies

AumsatTechnologies LLP_LogoAumsat offers a patented IoT solution for intelligent water management. Their solar-powered water conditioner removes excess minerals to transform hard water into soft water, which enhances irrigation water quality, decreases the requirement for water and fertilizers, boosts yields by 38%, and prevents limescale to extend the life of farming equipment.


Neelkanth Mishra
Jaljeevika infotech pvt ltd

Jaljeevika_logo-1Jaljeevika works with fish and agriculture farmers to enhance their livelihood through solar-enabled aquaculture systems, working towards end-to-end solutions to enhance their farm produce and income.


Dhananjay Abhang

Kisangas_LogoKisangas enables farmers to turn their organic waste into clean fuel and organic fertilizer with its patented digester technology — a pre-fabricated and decentralized biogas plant. Fed with organic waste and through anaerobic digestion, the plant generates two main products: biogas, which is used as a clean fuel, and liquid slurry, which is an excellent organic fertilizer.


Srinivas Marella

CoolCrop_logo-1CoolCrop addresses the systemic issue of post-harvest losses by delivering solar-powered clean cooling solutions and processing systems near the farmgate. Their affordable cooling-as-a-service business model enables data informed remunerative market linkages that help smallholder farmers earn better incomes.


Rishabh Rawat

Arth_LogoArth’s innovative machines recycle cow dung into eco-friendly, wood alternative prayer/ritual essentials and cremation logs, which saves trees from deforestation. This waste-to-worth model reduces pollution in waterways and creates additional income for farmers. 


logo_image-removebg-preview+(1)Suryanirbhar Agritech design and develop low-power electric agri implements for post-sowing inter-row and inter-crop operations like weeding, inter-cultivation, ridging, spraying and secondary tillage activities. Run by DC motors and powered by batteries, these are chargeable through both grid or solar panels.



Business sector

SaptkrishiScientific_LogoTargeted at small-marginal farmers and street-hawkers, Saptkrishi’s Sabjikothi cart and e-cart models are microclimate-based storage solutions  maintaining freshness and extending the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables up to 30 days without chemicals, preservatives, or refrigerants. This storage solution requires minimal wattage, has battery backup, and can be solar powered. 

Upamanyu Ghosh

coffee+folks+(1) (1)

BluPower generates clean and renewable energy from existing water infrastructure through a modular hydro plant. BluPower’s modular generation unit provides 24x7 clean energy generation by channeling incoming water flow through nozzles.

Tushar Devidayal
Devidayal Solar Solutions

DevidayalSolar_Logo-1Devidayal Solar Solutions Pvt Ltd (DDSolar) provides access to energy and sustainable livelihoods through solar refrigeration solutions. The solar units displace diesel-powered refrigerators and freezers, reducing emissions and food spoilage. 


Eidikos_LogoEidikos works across Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure, designing, engineering and manufacturing EV charging station products and solutions for the needs of today and the future.


Jai Bharathi Addepalli
Mowo Fleet

MOWO Fleet Logo-2Mowo Fleet trains women to drive electric two and three-wheelers, helping them access jobs by providing safe and zero-emission-rides for urban Indians and last-mile logistics solutions.


Dharmik Bapodara
Yotuh Energy

Yotuh_Logo-1Yotuh Energy is solving the problem of low cold chain penetration in India by eliminating the use of fossil fuel-based solutions, reducing the cap-ex and op-ex of cold chain solutions. They’ve developed electrifying refrigeration systems for cold chain transportation vehicles, saving up to 80% of refrigeration running costs and increasing customer profit margins by 2X.


Please join us in celebrating this incredible cohort, and follow Acumen Academy on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to learn more about these inspiring leaders and the work they’re doing to advance energy access for low-income communities. 

Acumen Academy will run a second Energy for Livelihoods Accelerator in East Africa in 2024. Please contact us to learn more.